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Joyland - A Review

Never judge a Stephen King book by its cover. Or its publisher, for that matter.


I have started reading Stephen King when I was quite young, maybe even too young, I would say and I was lucky in a way because I only got my hands on one book that was so scary I could not finish it - Pet Sematary (I was fourteen..)

I always enjoyed his writing style, it was not too complicated, not too showy, not too simple, just what I was looking for. Joyland is a Stephen King book after a somewhat break from his novels for me, and I am glad I did not let myself be repelled by the terrible cover.



Alright. Let me say a few things to the esthetic part of this book. NO. This cover is the worst I have seen in a long time. The painting that is printed there is not even so bad - on its own. As a background, it just does not work. Then the font.. what is wrong with that? First thought is that it is a cheap detective story not even worth reading. That cannot be how you want to catch your reader's attention! Last thing about this.. the spine. Oh my dear sweet mother of Mary.. this novel has got the most ugly spine I have ever seen. Just google it. I cannot even find words.


The insides of the book. Well done, Stephen. As always, I was very lucky. This story was not as scary as some of his other pieces are, and I am grateful. I am scared very easily by words as my imagination spins out of control quite easily. The story took its time with the real action and there was a longer foreplay (let's say) than I usually expect but it was good, I liked the effect of it. The plot as a whole was well thought through. I had no idea what was going on with the mystery and detective part of the story, and who was the bad guy until the last few pages - I like that.

The only thing I did mind about the writing was that it had no chapters. It had parts divided by hearts (yes, by ♥) but that is not good enough for me. I need chapters so I can set boundaries for myself (one more chapter and we are going to sleep, OK? etc.) so this I found a bit annoying.. but I survived.

Very enjoyable story and now I want to read more Stephen King because it's been quite some time apart (if I do not count his book On Writing, of course).