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Layla Eats Books For Breakfast

...and takes some with her afternoon tea as well.

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Hello, yet another book lover who goes by the name of Layla and has been living in this crazy world for over twenty years now!

Books. Such a pretty name for a thing to be called. Ooops, a thing, you say? Oh no, silly girl, books have a soul, too, you see! Alrighty doo.. these beautiful amazingly-smelling (unless they are the less fortunate, if you know what I mean) creatures have been part of my life ever since I was a very little child. I haven't loved them as much as I do now, it was more about the stories before. Nowadays, it's the stories and the simple fact that they have wonderful bindings, eye-pleasing spines, pages that make the most wonderful music and so many more different heart-breaking (in the best way possible) aspects. I consider myself not only quite an avid reader but also a collector. If I see a gorgeous book, I will want it. I will dream of it. I will have dreams in which the book chases me, until one day, I will go to the bookstore and buy it. I will give it an honourable place on my bookshelf and stare at it and not regret a single penny I paid for the book. Oh yes, that is what I am like when it comes to books.

This is what I was like two summers ago.. and now it only got worse (in other words, I am living a dream that none of my family seem to understand..)



Now that it is pretty clear who I might be, how about what I like to fill my days with. Apart from reading, reorganizing my bookshelves and touching books (for the sheer pleasure of it), I am very keen on coffee. Actually, that might not be quite explanatory. I drink coffee in gallons. Seven cups a day? No problem! Please be advised not to try having a conversation of any kind with me unless you see me holding my second cup of morning coffee.

Also, I very much like photographing. I used to spend much more time with my camera than I do these days, and I would like to fix that.. but you know. I do have a lot of galleries all over the internet with my works but I do not update them anymore. Maybe I will one day. Maybe I will do a lot of things I would like to do one day.

Did I mention I like to read in my free time? I did? That many times already? Alright...


Just to make things clear, what I will be doing here is taking pictures of books, reviewing books (commenting on books might be more accurate), blab about books, and enjoy myself while doing so. Read on, world!